Past Tours


CDMX Executive Taco Tour Mastermind

March 23-27 — CDMX (Mexico City)

12 powerhouse leaders — 5 days — 100s of tacos. 

Deep connections, friendships, insights into humanizing our brands (business, family & personal).

The taco tour of a lifetime with unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experiences and high-impact brand & personal breakthroughs. Join us on the next one

What People Are Saying

“The taco tour was transformational. I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself and challenge my way of thinking.  I have professional relationships and old friends, but nothing as new and meaningful as the experiences and relationships forged on this trip. Initially I thought I was going to enjoy tacos & culture with fellow CEOs, but I received a whole lot more. I returned a with a clear vision for my company, conviction to make the needed changes and energy to see them through. It was perfect timing and I had no idea how bad I needed it!”

James Gammett

Founder/CEO, Sweetwater Private Equity

EXCEPTIONAL. I have visited Mexico dozens of times for both business and family vacation, I love to be very inquisitive about the food and the culture. YET, Scott and Sayre took us on a trip of a lifetime, from wrestling matches to conversations with the #1 taco guru in the world; from a temazcal to in-depth introspective marketing conversations. Passion and impeccable customer service were one of many lessons.”

Saul Leal


“This was LIFE CHANGING! So glad I did it. Easily one of the top 3 travel experiences of my life, and I’ve traveled the world. Walked away with 13 new brothers and lifelong friendships. I came on the CDMX Taco Tour to gain a brand experience, but I ended up having a personal experience. I
learned more about myself mentally, physically, and spiritually in the five days than I thought was possible. In the end, I think the changes I plan to make in my life moving forward will impact me and my business more than if I just focused on my business..”

Jon Richards