Utah Taco Madness

We’re are looking for the best Tacos in Utah just before LeBron James’ arrival for NBA All-Star Weekend, Feb 17-19! Together with chefs and foodie friends, Vitamin T has compiled the 32 top-ranked tacos. Now it’s up to you…so VOTE and SHARE starting January 24 here!


Tacos with a Side of Leadership

“I’m game for tacos anytime!” was a new LinkedIn friend’s reply to my request to get together to talk shop. This is not unusual. In fact, it’s the reply I always get when I suggest taking care of business over tacos.

When we aren’t savoring taco nirvana on the side of a food truck in East LA, I unexpectedly find myself noticing the brilliance and simplicity of the whole taco experience, clueing into details of what true tacomasters and their teams say and do, and marveling at what they teach me about leadership.


How to feel happiness as a leader

Everyone has their own definition of happiness — and with the reality check we’ve had over the past few months, each of our personal pursuits of happiness have probably been challenged, re-analyzed and reprioritized. Our work, family, personal, and spiritual lives are literally on top of each other, melded together in a way most of us have never experienced.


How to Get Your Customers to Pay 140% More

A Harvard Business Review study found that customers who have a positive experience with your brand will spend 140% more.

Now, read that again. Do you even believe it? It’s pretty outrageous. Just plug your numbers in there. Creating a genuinely positive experience could be absolutely game-changing for you.

I’ll never forget the time I saw these results come to life literally before my eyes.


How to Eat a Dorito (and Other Ways to Change the World).

There’s only one way to eat a Dorito.

Flavor side DOWN on the tongue.


This has been my lifelong MO. Every. Single. Chip. I. Eat. I look at both sides and make a split-second decision as to which side has the most flavoring and then place that side immediately in direct contact with my tongue. Taste bud celebration ensues.


What People Are Saying

“Going on the Executive Tacos-from-paradise tour in Mexico City guided by Scott, was like being led by the hand into a distant, mysterious land of flavor. Imagine being transported by the most authentic cuisine experience you’ve ever had, by one of the most authentic people you’ve ever met, while absorbing the entrepreneurial energy and super powers of a dozen other founders. The hunt for the perfect taco really is discovery of friendship and a new level of taste. Highly recommend!!! ”

travis Chambers


“Exploring CDMX with our taco sherpa, Scott, expanded my world in more ways than one. From the cultural experiences broadened my world view, to the conversations with my peers expanding my network, and the taco tours expanding my taco palate. Consider my world bigger now, thanks to Scott and this executive taco tour!.”

Emily Smith


“There are an ever increasing number of ways to connect with and/or vacation with people we love and respect. Sometimes it’s more about the location and other times it’s all about the people. My time with Scott and the group on his taco tour nailed both! His care for those in our group may have only ranked second to his appreciation and understanding for the Mexicans, their culture, and their tacos. Memorable in every way, I’m excited for my next opportunity to join one of Scott’s excursions.”

Sid Krommenhoek