What People Are Saying

“I’m a couple days back from the CDMX Taco Tour and feel on fire with inspiration for my business and life. Over decades of visits, Scott and the Vitamin T team have curated the rare gems of Mexico City. The blend of hysterical Lucha Libre muchachos, ancient pyramids, and Mexican cuisine delivers a flavorful experience that’s truly once-in-a-lifetime for business leaders. By expanding your comfort bubble, the Vitamin T tour of Mexico City changes how you see yourself and what you can create in your life. I ate crickets, had lessons in the ring with luchadores, and experienced an ancient ritual that helped me see my inner warrior (guerrara). The execution and attention to detail is truly world-class, along with the enthusiasm for the best tacos on the globe. I give my highest and heartiest recommendation for the Executive Taco Tour. ¡Viva Mexico!”

Crystalee Beck

Founder & CEO, Comma Copywriters

“My expectation was to gain insights and opportunity for my business’s brand and to consider my personal brand with my family and community. The transformative experience truly delivered in ways I was hoping for and in other unexpected ways.

I am leaving the heart of Mexico City and many new friends with a business and personal clarity that I was not expecting and a new, much deeper, respect and love for human connection. I am so grateful for that huge dose of Vitamin T! Thank you!!!”

Dave Morse

President – L7 Growth. Partner/COO – Executive Advisor – Culture Index Expert

“CDMX Taco Tour with Scott Porter was an incredible experience. His team went above and beyond to take care of every detail during the trip. The group Scott put together was amazing and full of such amazing people to share and learn with. I can’t wait to eat more Tacos with Scott.”

Brandon Wright

CEO & founder clientbook

“This was LIFE CHANGING! So glad I did it. Easily one of the top 3 travel experiences of my life, and I’ve traveled the world. Walked away with 13 new brothers and lifelong friendships. I came on the CDMX Taco Tour to gain a brand experience, but I ended up having a personal experience. I
learned more about myself mentally, physically, and spiritually in the five days than I thought was possible. In the end, I think the changes I plan to make in my life moving forward will impact me and my business more than if I just focused on my business..”

Jon Richards


“The experience was EXCEPTIONAL. I have visited Mexico dozens of times for both business and family vacation, I love to be very inquisitive about the food and the culture. YET, Scott and Sayre took us on a trip of a lifetime, from wrestling matches to conversations with the #1 taco guru in the world; from a temazcal to in-depth introspective marketing conversations. Passion and impeccable customer service were one of many lessons.”

Saul Leal


“Couldn’t have chosen a better guide for CDMX, the surrounding areas, and the tacos — all the tacos. Scott has strong relationships with locals and he’ll take you places you wouldn’t have found on your own, teach you about what makes CDMX and the culinary scene unique — all while learning about exceptional brand experience. Our group felt safe, educated, and full of good food the entire time..”

Jessica Johnson


“For businesses owners who want to elevate their thinking, doing and being in a world class environment and experience, this is for you. Ive been a part of masterminds as a participant or organizer for 20+ years. Ive seen so many variations and structures, but this taco tour BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY. Scott and his team combines experiential learning, cultural depth, and deep connection, that create an unparalleled experience whatever the investment, don’t hesitate. I promise it would be worth it it. I literally would pay 4X what they charged for the experience.”

Jeff Mask


“The taco tour was transformational. I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself and challenge my way of thinking.  I have professional relationships and old friends, but nothing as new and meaningful as the experiences and relationships forged on this trip. Initially I thought I was going to enjoy tacos & culture with fellow CEOs, but I received a whole lot more. I returned a with a clear vision for my company, conviction to make the needed changes and energy to see them through. It was perfect timing and I had no idea how bad I needed it!”

James Gammett

Founder/CEO, Sweetwater Private Equity

“Exploring CDMX with our taco sherpa, Scott, expanded my world in more ways than one. From the cultural experiences broadened my world view, to the conversations with my peers expanding my network, and the taco tours expanding my taco palate. Consider my world bigger now, thanks to Scott and this executive taco tour!.”

Emily Smith


“Scott is as passionate a connector as I’ve ever seen. He relishes authenticity helps individuals experience the “new” while bringing out the best that already exists in themselves. His leadership, charisma and attention to detail make him not only a highly effective and informative guide, but also a lot of fun to be around. You’ll no doubt leave your experiences with him with a appreciation for the fun times, the powerful connections, and the great food.”

Cahlan Sharp


“A review does not do the experience justice. To whom ever is reading this, I wish I could stare you in the face and say with all the energy of my body, go on this trip! Whether a start up entrepreneur, or a high-level executive, this is a must do experience. Scott will show and teach you things that will change the way you view business and life, and relationships. I still pull from things learned now years later!”

Stuart Edge


“Scott is one of the best customer experience minds around. I’ve had the opportunity to travel in multiple countries with Scott and be led on a taco tour of Mexico City. He knows all the hidden gems and has a deep understanding of Mexican culture to give it context that enhances everyone’s experience. In a very short period of time I ate some of the best food I’ve ever had, learned a ton about Mexico City, its people, and the history and culture.”

Trent Mano

FOUNDER, CONVOI Ventures, Convoi Events & ROOM HERE

“There are an ever increasing number of ways to connect with and/or vacation with people we love and respect. Sometimes it’s more about the location and other times it’s all about the people. My time with Scott and the group on his taco tour nailed both! His care for those in our group may have only ranked second to his appreciation and understanding for the Mexicans, their culture, and their tacos. Memorable in every way, I’m excited for my next opportunity to join one of Scott’s excursions.”

Sid Krommenhoek


“Scott is completely dialed in to the taco and food scene. He brought our group together and was brilliant and helping us find common ground through tacos. We visited multiple taco joints as well as all things cool and interesting in CDMX. Would 100% recommend joining his trip. I’m still trying to figure out how to get on another tour.”

Laura Stevens


“Going on the Executive Tacos-from-paradise tour in Mexico City guided by Scott, was like being led by the hand into a distant, mysterious land of flavor. Imagine being transported by the most authentic cuisine experience you’ve ever had, by one of the most authentic people you’ve ever met, while absorbing the entrepreneurial energy and super powers of a dozen other founders. The hunt for the perfect taco really is discovery of friendship and a new level of taste. Highly recommend!!! ”

Travis Chambers


“Scott is a great person to be around anyway, but you put him in Mexico City with a group of business leaders on the hunt for tacos, and you’re in for a once in a lifetime experience. I came away from this with new friendships, actionable insights, incredible memories, an expanded soul, and a new appreciation for what a good taco really is. Scott gets all the details right with this experience. I recommend it for anyone wanting to elevate themselves and their business.”

Rob Duffin