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MUCHAS gracias to everyone who voted during Utah Taco Madness! It has been so fun while it has lasted for the first 3 Rounds! Unfortunately, the results have been compromised. The system we used had some errors and we had to cancel the bracket because of falsified votes and hacking.

However, this is not the end of Utah Taco Madness! No nos damos por vencidos! We will be recreating the bracket and will resume at a later date when we find a more robust platform to ensure fair voting.

Stay hungry and keep #chasingtacos! 

Just think of this as more R&D time to try out all of these original 32 top spots in Utah (listed in alphabetical order):




















Red Iguana









Tacos Lopez




Scott Porter

Scott Porter

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34 thoughts on “Utah Taco Madness”

  1. When I eat oteo food it’s like i get a little taste of what heaven is like, the tortillas so soft it’s like a cloud, the meat is so tender and juicy and just so flavorful. I look forward to eating these tacos everyday. Oteo is the BEST place for tacos in Utah. Hell maybe I’d say in the country. Food 10/10 Service also 10/10

  2. The most recomendable Tacos, when you eat once you can not stop eating ; Jurassic Street Tacos the real flavor, ‘til T-Rex would wake up once savor them… JST, just the original Taco from Mexico to your Dinosaur palate!!!
    The best!!!

    1. He helped curate the list. If ONLY we could get him to open a place in Utah! That would be a taco dream come true!

  3. The service is extraordinary, the Micheladas are spicy goodness and the tacos are non greasy, authentic flavor and hit that street taco craving!

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