April 28, 2021

Torture to be this close and not be putting these in my mouth. @oteorestaurants never fails. Cochinita pibil with pickled onions and that slice of orange. Skirt steak with shredded green apple and jalapeño slivers. Ohhhhh and the avocado beet beauty! All wrapped up in handmade corn. Torture.

February 26, 2019

Tacos omakase for brunch. yes please! Flashback to an incredible Saturday taco brunch at @oteorestaurants…skirt steak and egg taco, huevos con chorizo. Chef Mosi hooked us UP. #tacosomakase And the starter was basically like an apple/oat/honey @bellagio fountain for breakfast. Seriously. Picaso anyone? Zero in on the char on their handmade tortillas. And the molote with a pouched egg. I’m telling you…next Saturday, drop everything because you have plans now. Hit the slopes in the afternoon. #worthit. Wait…then we finished it all off with fried plantains in almond butter, crema and feta with honey.

April 11, 2018

It’s like everything they do is a mini-masterpiece. These beauties are the “surf” part of our #surfandturf taco night. That chunky, perfectly cooked piece of lobster in a chipotle crema with razor-thin chiles and onions…whoa. And the “turf”….of course. It’s terrific with those green apple shaving spears. 🤤 This (and the fact that they’re handmade corn tortillas are made by 👼🏼) is why it makes sense they just won Best of State! And the service from Maddie was on POINT! ¡Felicidades

December 26, 2017

¡Feliz Navidad amigos! If visions of vegetarian tacos dance in your head, all paths lead to @OteoLindon. Carnivores be warned…you may consider a veg life after these works of art. Golden beets. Creamy avocados. Fresh hand-pressed tortillas. Perfectly seasoned. And if you still need a meat fix…that cochinita pibil was 💣 with pickled onions, orange slice and juicy achiote shredded pork. Aside from culinary genius that obviously runs in the Oteo family, they have huge ❤️s and support amazing causes (like the recent #Mobilize4Mexico initiative to raise $ for Mexico City earthquake victims)!

March 7, 2017

#TacoArt. The beautiful #avocado taco —a handcrafted masterpiece from the family at Oteo. @alyssabalzotti nearly teared-up in anticipation: “The light perfectly filtered through the beet!” I mean, translucent #beets, creamy #cheese, smooth #avocados…#vegtaco dream for sure. Gracias por exisitir, @OteoLindon, and for upping the #tacogame in #UtahCounty by leaps and bounds! #tacolife #utahtacos #utah #tacotour #tastemade #eattheworld #foodauthority #feedfeed #tacoliteracy #eater #livetravelchannel #seriouseats #buzzfeast #devourpower #gourmettacos #tacotuesday

April 2, 2016

Where do you taco when you’re craving something different than your everyday classic taco?? Let @OteoLindon reel you in …#hooklineandsinker! I mean, check out this carnitas beauty, perfectly seasoned and shredded topped with fresh orange and the magic florentina olive oil drizzle. Each hand crafted taco seems to be a labor of love with the homemade tortillas, unique flavor pairings (shredded green apple on grassfed, seared steak…seriously) and a personal touch from this family run restaurant (dad at the grill, son taking care of the foodie fans). True to its Mexican origins, but gourmet-ed up to next level. Whatever you do, you must leave room for the fried plantain medallions with feta, almond butter, coconut oil. #YoureWelcome. We had to stop mid conversation to fully take them in. @andrewhowlett: “Utah needs more places like this!” #Amen brother! Everywhere needs more Oteo!

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Scott Porter

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