The Uncommon Sock Experience


I met up with Jeff Kearl at Sancho’s Tacos near the beach in San Clemente, California. He has redefined the sock industry by creating Stance, one of the most popular, comfortable and wildly uncommon sock brands in the world. As an investor, founder and entrepreneur, Jeff has keenly observed market trends and fills their needs with the most enviable of products — whether that’s socks or headphones. But it’s doesn’t matter what he’s selling, he’s more concerned with building a team and inspiring them to reach their potential. I wanted to learn how he was able to create such a thriving company, and what secrets have helped him and his employees thrive…. All…over tacos. It really doesn’t get much better than this!


“The Uncommon Sock Experience with Jeff Kearl”

Secret #1: Deconstruct everything in the R&D phase
Secret #2: Ask lots of questions, listen and act on the answers
Secret #3: Focus on what you can control and execute flawlessly
Secret #4: Build a team that’s scrappy, gritty and figures it out
Secret #5: Reinforce your company values constantly
Secret #6: Operationalize a culture of gratitude
Secret #7: Stand for more than what you sell
Secret #8: Surround yourself with those who see your potential
Secret #9: Position your product differently in a profitable market
Secret #10: Connect your customer to your product on a deep level
Secret #11: Mission-driven businesses require hard work and discipline
Secret #12: Be kind and respectful — the key to personal success
Secret #13: Find positive, inspiring and smart people to create your team
Secret #14: Think independently and embrace your originality
Secret #15: Beware of “Best practices” because they yield common results
Secret #16: Believe in your people to unlock their potential


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