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I met up with Ravi Patel on Taco Tuesday at Guisados in Burbank, CA. He’s an entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of the granola bar company This Saves Lives. He’s also an award-winning actor who wrote and directed an autobiographical documentary called Meet the Patels. I wanted to learn why he believes in the power of culture and brand experience, what he does to create it and how it’s helped him thrive. All…over tacos. It really doesn’t get much better than this!


“These secrets save lives with Ravi Patel”

Secret #1: Focus on what really matters in life and imbue that into your work
Secret #2: Be authentic to your purpose and pursue your passions
Secret #3: Obsess over winning. Appreciate failure. Love the grind.
Secret #4: Understand what your end users are into
Secret #5: You are only as good as your product in the long term
Secret #6: Differentiate your product and brand
Secret #7: Raving fans amplify with loud voices
Secret #8: Hire people who genuinely care. Be picky
Secret #9: Help people feel the impact of what you do
Secret #10: Focus on the end goal and then creatively strategize how to get there
Secret #11: Seek inspiration from people you love
Secret #12: Create different, authentic experiences that are “noisier” than the competition.
Secret #13: Make something your customers want over and over again


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This is Tacoincidence — where we learn in this unconventional master class the secrets of breakthrough culture, brand experience, and human connection from the most brilliant leaders while we’re on the search for the perfect taco. I’m your host, Scott Porter, entrepreneur, brand experience strategist, and the taco-obsessed founder of Vitamin T – A Brand Experience Agency.

In my lifelong search, I’ve learned the taco experience is even more than crazy good tacos — it’s about real human connection. Tacoincidence is about discovering how visionary leaders build successful organizations with human experience at the core of their brand’s DNA. Whether it’s with granola bars, electric bikes, software, or socks. I wanted to learn why these leaders believe in the power of relationship-based brand experience, what they do to create it, and how it’s helped them thrive. All…over tacos.

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